Marley Raycroft

$1,940 Raised


$2,000 Goal



I am a student in grade 12 at Lockview High School. I was in critical condition at the Sackville Cobequid Emergency Center on September 4th, 2019 having suffered from a pulmonary embolism . The actions of the Doctor and Nurses there saved my life. I am so grateful to them for their service, no words could ever express that enough. My family (Team Raycroft) have decided that we would like to do something for the Cobequid Emergency Center to somehow say thank you. So we have decided to raise money for them by participating in the 26th Annual Walk Run for the Health of Our Community on Sunday, October 27, 2019. THANK YOU for your donation!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Marley ❤️❤️


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First Name Last Name Amount Date
Heather Raycroft 250 Sep/29/2019
Lynn Tracey 50 Oct/21/2019
Nancy Cooper 50 Oct/21/2019
Debbie Lambert 25 Oct/21/2019
Maura McGowan 100 Oct/21/2019
Joni Johnson 25 Oct/21/2019
Karen Bowes 50 Oct/21/2019
Janet Craig 25 Oct/21/2019
Glenn Bartlett 50 Oct/21/2019
Michelle Vodrazka 50 Oct/21/2019
Dorothy Gracie 50 Oct/21/2019
cyril craig 50 Oct/21/2019
Trevor Baker 50 Oct/21/2019
Tanya Cooper 25 Oct/21/2019
Scott Gannon 50 Oct/21/2019
Jason Craig 25 Oct/21/2019
Elizabeth Hamilton 50 Oct/22/2019
Pauline Currie 50 Oct/22/2019
Mary & Kevin Chisholm 50 Oct/22/2019
Katie Keefe 25 Oct/22/2019
Allison Flemming 50 Oct/22/2019
Rhonda Monk 50 Oct/22/2019
Crystal Gilkie 50 Oct/22/2019
Marilyn Hames 25 Oct/22/2019
Bonny Doucette 50 Oct/22/2019
Brian Coxhead 50 Oct/22/2019
Ronald Doucette 50 Oct/22/2019
Bernadette Richards 100 Oct/23/2019
Helen Burgess 50 Oct/23/2019
Kathy Clark 40 Oct/23/2019
Donna Woodside 100 Oct/24/2019
JoAnn Harding 50 Oct/24/2019
Paul & Carol Cooper 20 Oct/25/2019
Conrad Myles 115 Oct/26/2019
Emily Anderson 20 Oct/27/2019
Wadden Susan 20 Oct/27/2019

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