Why We Walk/Run

The Cobequid Community Health Centre is here for your Family and our community. All funds raised from this year’s event will support priority medical equipment for Cobequid including a Centrifuge. Last year we had more than 200 participants involved by walking, running and volunteering.

This is a great event to promote healthy living, exercise and all the local companies and groups who are involved in helping their community. This will help to maintain the growing needs of our expanding community. Below are some facts about the Cobequid Community Health Centre:

  • The Cobequid Community Health Centre has the third busiest Emergency Department in the province of Nova Scotia even though we are only open from 7 am-12am.
  • Cobequid’s Emergency Department wait times remain relatively low. We have the advantage of starting fresh each morning with full bed availability.
  • Cobequid Community Health Centre has the fastest ambulance to bed time in the metro and daily ambulance volumes have doubled since last year.
  • Our Emergency Department serves over 42,000 patients where over 95% of patients are discharged home and less than 5% are transferred.
  • Through the generous support of the community the Cobequid Community Health Centre Foundation has funded over $2 million in priority medical equipment.
  • The Cobequid Foundation funds, in full, a significant amount of the medical equipment at the Health Centre.